My Silence Should Never Be Taken Lightly…

~Many times in my life I have been victimized simply because people have a tendency to assume my silence means Im ignorant. When I am too calm some people think that means I have accepted their ways; good or bad. And when I am too kind they also assume I’m emotionally weak or damaged.
~I learned a long time ago people’s thoughts & opinions or just that.
No more, no less! We all have them…
No one wants to be taken advantage of, so never let anyone manipulate, or intimidate you with their ignorance.
~Do not waste any of your time & energy on any of the negative opinions people say about you. Instead, shift your attention on what you have to do to succeed.
~ Focus on improving in any area of your life that may need a different approach or revised plan to ensure you successfully rise above the doubters & naysayers.
~The sweetest revenge is success. Even if it simply means successfully eliminating them from your life! ~One Love. *Muah*


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