Do not lose yourself in a relationship…

 Do not lose yourself!

You are a beautiful, compassionate, intelligent, respectable, honest, loyal, young woman serving an important purpose on this Earth. Do not forget that as you fall in love. Do not allow a guy (or anyone) to cause you to doubt your self-worth, turn you into something or someone you aren’t, or become involved in things that are not in alignment with your values and sense of self.

In order to not ‘lose’ yourself, you must KNOW yourself. Otherwise, you’ll morph into whatever sort of person your lover expects you to be; or whatever sort of person you *think* he wants you to become. You’ll engage in activities, act in ways, and focus on things that will divert you from achieving your greatest good.

So first FIND yourself – and then KEEP yourself

Point: A good time to exit a relationship is at that point you realize that you have ‘lost’ yourself, and the only way to get back to YOU is outside of the boundaries of the relationship.


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  1. vixenincognola says:

    I cannot agree more. I lost myself in my marriage, we were both miserable, I wasn’t who he fell in love with any more and I didn’t know “who” I was. Walking away was the best thing. I’ve done for myself. I’ve become a better me and mother 🙂


    1. Awesome news 🙂


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