Clubbing While Pregnant….

“Love and Hip Hop” reality stars Kimbella and Yandy Smith were spotted clubbing it up in New York City last week at La Vie Lounge. Kimbella is anywhere from four to six months pregnant, according to Should the fact that the two are still club hopping while pregnant get the side eye or is it socially acceptable?

When I was pregnant with my daughter Lyric I decided to stop going to club parties once I found out I was with child. Aside from the roller coasters my body was going through adjusting to this new life change, I just didn’t feel it was the best or safest environment for me to be in due to the fact that I was carrying a child. I know myself, and if anyone accidentally bumped or hit me in my stomach I would go off. Not to mention many people still smoke in some clubs and being around that is a major “no no” for a pregnant woman.

When it comes to Kimbella and Yandy they are still collecting checks for their club and hosting appearances. I guess you have to get in where you fit in and make that 15 minutes of fame last, pregnant or not. This whole scenario reminds me of a scene from the movie “Knocked Up” where the very pregnant character played by Katherine Heigl was told that her pregnant behind had no right to be in the club.

When pregnant should their be a cut-off as to where you should and shouldn’t go depending on how far along you are? And if you were clubbing and saw a pregnant woman in there doing it up would you say or think anything, whether negative or positive?


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