How do you deal with the pain you suffer in life? Do you fight through it with a smile, or let it lead you into more and more emotional turmoil?

Where do you think the life of a young boy abused in his childhood, a young boy with no real father figure around, a boy who was bullied so much in high school that he decided to drop out, and attempt suicide by the age of 16, would be decades later? Most would assume in jail or dead, right?

Well Tyler Perry, a successful play director, movie director, actor, executive producer, and millionaire is still very much alive and kicking!

We all have a story, and while some are worse than others, we have to realize that there will always be pain in our lives. Adversity will always be a part of life, and so will the decisions we make.

Will you decide to overcome your adversity, or let your adversity overcome you?



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