My name is Bennett and I ain’t in it…

I don’t like fights, arguments, beefs, grudges or passive aggressive comments. I instead employ a more mature approach, like calmly addressing issues when they first arise. Either that, or I suppress feelings for years until they reach meltdown-level severity. It’s just how I prefer to handle things.

Even when family or friends are involved in conflict, I try not to pick sides.  It’s safer and more politically correct to maintain a level of neutrality. I’m like Switzerland but with more melanin.

And for the most part, my family and friends have made my noninvolvement stance fairly easy, because they don’t do much fighting or bickering either, even though there’s plenty of room for conflict.

My boyfriends Thanksgiving table was occupied by homophobes, misogynists, and a wife from North Africa that some of us speculate is of the male order variety so there is always the opportunity for controversy, atlease a snide remark, but we just choose not to take it. Instead we talk respectfully about any issues like mature adults.

So, here I am in totally unfamiliar territory. Where I’m being slowly dragged into someone else’s mess unbenost to me. But I’m not going to kick or scream, I’m going to ignore it all. All the bullying and antagonizing remarks that are meant to provoke me into a fight that isn’t mine will remain unanswered. I’m going to take the high road. because I’m classy & mature, and that approch tends to be safe.

If I don’t do drama with my own family, I’m definitely not about to do it with someone else’s.


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