Why is he ignoring me…

When you’re ignored by a guy you like, it can be difficult, because you wonder if he doesn’t like something about your personality or beliefs. You also may start doubting your ability to attract the right kind of guy. Don’t be discouraged. Just because a guy ignores you doesn’t mean that you don’t have the good qualities of a partner. He may simply prefer a certain type of lady, and you’re not a good match for him. Someone will eventually appreciate you for who you are on the inside.

Don’t Resort to Desperation

When the guy you like ignores you, don’t appear as if you’ll do anything for his attention. If you normally dress modestly, but you suddenly dress overly sexy because you know he’s attracted to this, the guy will see this as phony and in some cases take advantage of your desperation while leading you on in the process. If the guy only likes you as a friend, don’t continue to bring up possibilities of a long-term relationship in your conversations with him.


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