Trends you should consider letting go ASAP…

1. The Return of the Box Fade
Let’s tell all the young men in our lives that the ’90s were a wonderful decade that wrought many memorable and exciting trends like chokers and dark lip liner and roughneck R&B. But just like we’re totally okay letting those things slip into the recesses of history, we will not miss the day that “high-top” or “box” fade also ends up on that pile. To hasten it, take the teens you know who are currently rockin’ a box fade to the barber shop before Jan. 1.

2. Choreographed Wedding Dances
It isn’t that these aren’t the cutest things ever. It’s that we just need to face facts: is anyone ever gonna be able to top the great daddy-daughter dance of 2011 or the coldest wedding dance ever? Doubtful. Let’s let this trend go out on top.

3. Knee-Jerk Blame-Shifting on Social Media
As was evidenced with Sandy Hook and so many unimaginable tragedies before it, social media users have a tendency to go into immediate under-informed opinion mode, speculating endlessly about who’s at fault. In 2012, rather than blaming legislature, big business, mental health, race, gender, nationality, or class within mere minutes of the news breaking, let’s let the fact finders gather accurate updates, let those who’ve lost someone grieve, and let our accusations simmer before unleashing them into the chaos.

2012 was a good year for Drake. He earned his high school diploma and saw his YOLO chant reach a fever pith. But now that the term has become synonymous with making the worst life decisions possible under the guise of seizing the moment, it might be time to let that li’l phenomenon go.

5. “Ratchet”
It seems that every few years we come up with a term that intends to define unsavory behavior along cultural lines. While we’re glad “ghetoo” and “hood” seem to be slowly fazing out, it might be nice if “ratchet” also went the way of obsolescence.


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